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For over 9 years, The Gourd’s Gone Wild has been creating fun and imaginative pumpkin carvings for all occasions! Our carvings are created using long-lasting, artificial, foam pumpkins that can be enjoyed again and again year after year!

Bryan, the talented pumpkin-carving artist at the heart of The Gourd’s Gone Wild, started carving pumpkins for his daughters when they were very young and now offers his services to jack-o-lantern enthusiasts and pumpkin lovers everywhere. His work has even been featured in Rolling Stone, as well as having his work posted on numerous sites recognizing outstanding carving!

At The Gourds Gone Wild, the only limit to your personal, highly detailed carve is your imagination. While specializing in Halloween themed carves, The Gourds Gone Wild has patterns for every occasion, weddings too! Whether you want a custom carve of your company's Logo, that special loved one, your pet, your car, or just want to have the coolest pumpkin on your block! They also are great as Thanksgiving decorations and table centerpieces as well! All carves are done on Craft Pumpkins (made of foam), so while looking like a real pumpkin, you can enjoy them for as long as you want, year after year.

Take a look in the gallery and view some of the great carves for ideas!

To order your own custom carve, please contact Bryan directly. In your email, please include a brief description of what you are looking for subject wise, or attach a photo of an image you would like to have considered for carving. Pricing will be based on the complexity of carve, time involved as well as shipping (generally around $20). Local pickup will be available for anyone in the Kansas City, Missouri area and will negate any shipping charges. You will receive your quote for your total cost before order is finalized.

Carve will begin once order is confirmed and paid for. Since these are individual carves, there is a no refund policy once the order has been placed and work has begun.

Once your carve is received, you will have years and years to enjoy it. But note, since these are craft pumpkins and made of foam, you cannot use any sort of open flame to display them. I will include a plug in light with the order to assist in lighting your carve safely, a method that I've used for years. Gourds Gone Wild is not responsible for improper use of your pumpkin carve or unsafe lighting.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Due to large demand during the Halloween season, the amount of orders placed is limited. Act now!

Be sure to check out my links page for some of my  favorite  pattern sites found on the net.

All proceeds from any and all carves are being donated to fund the Holly Moore Memorial Oncology Nursing Scholarship, setup through The Research Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri.

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